We are encouraged by the fact that Frankenstein has been indeed a successful story, book and movie, as our work has pretty much followed a similar path: born as reference material, grew into a white paper, to then become an experimental book from the future, to enlighten the few that are working on the lower technical levels to make decentralization technology strong, fast, and reliable.

The ZooBC project, like its white paper, has been an ever growing and changing entity, as we continue to develop new ideas and designs, imagine new use cases and work to support them, and learn from ongoing events with existing blockchain technologies. It was not something that started with a single purpose and stopped at that purpose; rather, at any point in time, it is the reflection of everything we have learned, and even though we must release a version in a single state for the network to reach consensus, our work will continue into developing new versions and integrating new designs and technologies in an effort to ultimately reach the pinnacle of what is possible with Blockchain.

Blockchain Zoo, as a company, has had a similar trajectory. We have orbited around the need to bring new intelligence and insight into the world of Blockchain, which concretely took many different iterations and concurrent attempts, including creating a decentralized association of Blockchain professionals, running a Blockchain technology consultancy, running a Blockchain software development service, launching public information campaigns about advanced Blockchain features, opening a Blockchain-centric co-working space in our Blockchain Zoo offices, and now developing from scratch and releasing a novel Blockchain technology.

It is not an accident that our paths have been so convoluted and circular: Blockchain itself is new, poorly understood, and certainly operating below its potential as a technology to transform the world and the internet. New developments, steeped in mysterious mathematics and cryptography and architecture, appear every day, and must be absorbed, discerned, polished, explained, and ultimately included into our work. Of these modern developments, in our first release of the ZooBC blockchain, we have touched more than most, but fewer than we would like; and our passion for capturing them all in one platform that can serve the future of Blockchain will carry us down yet more twisting roads to discover where there is gold and where there is none.

As you read this book, you will see artefacts of this long and twisting road we have taken from the birth of Blockchain Zoo to the launch of ZooBC technology, and our projections of the maps ahead. We have attempted to condense some small part of this complicated story, and the fruits of our constant work and refinement over the last 3 years, into this book. Surely, if this book was published another one year or two from now (which we intend to do in a new edition), it would be entirely different in character and content again. So rather than taking this book as the final word on Blockchain Zoo and ZooBC, we hope you will see it as a moment on a long journey, and we invite you to join us in following that journey together towards the future of Blockchain!

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